Need to view Canon CR3 image files

Need to view Canon CR3 image files. Is there a future addition of this image file type?

If we can find a library that supports them, we'd like to. The Raw camera library we (and most other people) had been using for a long time was recently put on hold and no longer updated, but we've been looking into newer ones. CR3 support is quite new/limited in most software and libraries at the moment.

If you could send us some example photos to test with, that would also help greatly as well. (If they're too large to attach via a private message, you could use dropbox, google drive or onedrive to share them via a link, or similar.)

I shoot 1000's of CR3 files each month on Canon's EOS R camera as of a few months ago. I need to view and ideally convert these images in DOpus. I am happy to upload some CR3s for you to view. In googling Windows lack of support, I found this item in the comments on a PetaPixel (photographer site) page they say Windows viewer is based on libraw but I don';t know what that is :slight_smile:
link to the libraw page saying they now have CR3 supported
FYI, Canon's professional cameras will all be shooting CR3 going forward. I don't believe they will be making any CR2 raw format cameras anymore.
Would love to help any way I can to add this functionality!

Some sample images would be really useful if you can send us some. Assuming the files are quite large, sending a shared dropbox or onedrive or similar link is probably easiest.

Thank you Leo. I sent you a message with a Google Drive link.

Many thanks! I've downloaded the files.

No problem. In a related item: I used your new feature of DOpus's ability to display images on my increased color gamut monitor using the monitor profile and it has freed me from overly saturated images in Windows File Explorer. Can't believe that's not built into windows but thank you nonetheless!


I'd like to add my voice to those needing a CR3 viewer. I just brought home a new Canon 90D, and it shoots CR3 files instead of CR2, as the 80D did.I can't easily view my RAW files now. Please help.

Just a bump to see if anything has happened with implementing some way to view Canon CR3 raw files? I know it's not something possible with the basic Windows File Explorer but wondered if there was any way to add it into DO?

The way to add it into Opus is either to find a preview handler that handles that format, or for someone to write an Opus plugin for it.

Great news: I just checked and was able to download an update to the Raw Image Extension by Microsoft (from the Windows Store). With the update which I believe just became available, I am now able to see the CR3 preview image in Explorer/Director Opus!


That's great news. I've added a post about it to the plugins area: Raw Image Extension (Microsoft)

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