Network folder freeze

I already have the preference set to not load network folders in Opus. However I am getting a freezing sometimes up to a minute or longer when I open to an unavailable directory. Is there anything that can make this better? Thanks

Things I can think of which may avoid additional attempts to access to the drive:

  • Switching to the simple (non-breadcrumbs) path field.
  • Making sure no toolbar buttons refer to the drive (or need to inspect the active tab's current drive in some rare cases with custom drives).
  • Make sure no scripts are in-use, since they can trigger access and might be involved.
  • Configuring the folder tree to not follow, or to not auto-populate to, the current folder. (One more drastic than the other.)
  • Closing the folder tree. (Even more drastic, unless you don't use the tree much.)

If you find some of those help, there may be ways to get them back to how they were with the delays removed or improved.

Of course, the underlying issue is that Windows blocks requests to unavailable network drives for a very long time and has no way to cancel the requests in most cases, so avoiding attempts to access the drives is the best solution. If this is happening a lot due to remembering previous folders, it might make sense to turn that off and instead set the lister to always open with fixed local folders.

It also may be possible to reduce the Windows network request timeout, but that could affect other things in unpredictable ways.