Network problem /question

Hi GP Software
I have a question about Directory Opus 10.5 (Had this problem already in earlier versions of DO)
I have in my Home network several computers but Directory Opus but DO has trouble viewing them all
see screenshot below

The folder tree shows only 2 computers (there are 3) the left pane should show these 2 computers but the left pane shows only one computer (no category, network location or workgroup filter has been selected)
The right pane shows all the computers (and a switch)

I did try the F5 to refresh the panes but gave no improvement

Why are these differences?

Still the best File Manager!

Best regards Frits

That indicates that the Windows network client/browser service is returning different results each time Opus asks it to enumerate the computers on the network.

Opus does not do the enumeration itself; it just asks Windows for the list. Unfortunately, Windows is not very reliable here, especially on ad-hoc home networks. (This affects Windows Explorer as well.)

Thanks for your answer.
Can I do something to get / force windows to send the right list to DO? F5 doesn't work
thanks Frits

I don't know, it's always seemed inherently unreliable to me. There might be something you can do with the Windows or network configuration but it's outside my knowledge.

Using mapped drive letters is more reliable, and they'll show up in the My Computer folder. (Or, in my case, I just type the computer name when I want to access another machine on the LAN, as I don't do it often.)

We just noticed from the screenshots that you have Preferences / Folders / Virtual Folders / Native display of 'Computer' turned off, so the inconsistency between the two Computer folders isn't even coming from Opus here, it's coming from Explorer.

(It may still be inconsistent if you turn Opus's native handling of the Computer folder back on, of course. :slight_smile: I'm just pointing out that the problem affects Windows/Explorer itself, not just Opus.)