New Custom Key tooltip not updated! Help?

I'm new to DOpus-9, so this may well be a learning-curve issue.

I've created a custom key called "Destroy" that simply provides a click-able icon to perform a delete without sending the file to the recycle bin. For an unknown reason, the "Tip" that I've entered for the key, is not displayed when the cursor is passed over the icon. The default "Newly created user command" tip is persistently displayed. I have not discovered anything in the documentation or here in the forum that clarifies what I may be missing. The snaps below say it all:

You've assigned the description to the User command, but the button on your toolbar has its own tooltip that is overriding it.

UPDATE: Resolved! I misunderstood the process of creating a button vs associating a custom command with a button. Well, on to the next challenge.


Can you be more specific about the solution? Is there another way to create the button so that I get the same result, and with the correct tooltip? I've had DOpus for a day, so this is a very good opportunity to learn more about the program.