New DOpus Major Version Release?


Just curious about new major release, since I want to perform upgrade soon, I just think if DOpus will got a major version update soon or not? Since I don't want to pay the upgrade twice for 2 major update very shortly. let say 3 months after upgrade to DOpus 12 they announce of beta version of new major version. If new major version on near schedule then I probably want to wait till it released.

Thank You

Historically major revisions were released (out of beta):

DO12: Sep 5, 2016
DO11: Mar 3, 2014
DO10: Apr 30, 2011
DO9: Apr 28, 2007

I can't speculate when DO13 could be released, but before being available for purchase, new releases are announced as a public beta for free testing until released. For example DO12 public beta started sometime around Mar 31, 2016 and went out of beta (available to purchase) Sep 5 the same year.

So far nothing has been announced.

I know this doesn't help you much, but GPSoft traditionally doesn't comment on these kind of topics, so that's the best info we have at the moment :)

Looking at the release dates, the release of DO13 should have been some weeks ago, since the number of years between the former releases seem to decrease continuously. o) 4 years, then 3 years, then 2 years and the 2017 release would have completed this series with only 1 year since the previous release. But then it did not. o)

Buying DO makes sense anytime! Just look what has been pumped into DO12 since it's release. We are at 12.7 now, major-release-wise, we're almost there. Much functionality is added anytime, from my point of view, waiting for a new release does not make much sense. You can already spend some years exploring DOs feature set, so there's no need for a new major version to keep you busy! o)

Yeah probably they will never exposed their major release timeline to public since maybe can cause ruckus. Although know that i still curious and asking lol...

well I already trial DOpus 12, and it's true have many functionality added but unfortunately not all of these new feature used by me (scripting, etc) the new feature i want from DOpus 12 is the OneDrive integration and status columns (it's awesome) but I still can live with DOpus 11 atm. Thats why I thinking why not directly go for DOpus 13 if they plan to release it soon since based on previous pattern they will release a major update after this. refer to 11.0 -> 11.5 -> 12 pattern now we already at 12.7 then next will be major update.

Well just hope when I update they didn't announce new public beta major version on next day.

Their policy was that if you bought a current version of DO ~month before (or after) the beta of the next major version was announced, you'd get the new version upgrade for free (once out of beta).

So if nothing changes regarding that (and this is speculation!), the earliest best time for you to buy DO12 would be as soon as the DO13 is announced. You'd get DO12 for reduced upgrade price and jump to DO13 for free.

Barring that, I don't know for what kind of discount would DO11 -> DO13 jump qualify for (perhaps equal discount, but one can always contact the gpsoft sales via email for individually-tailored solution).

I think it's impossible to guess if there will be new major version soon or not.

We're still updating & enhancing Opus 12 and haven't even started on Opus 13 yet, so it will be quite some time.

When a new major version is released, there is usually a sliding scale of discounts for existing users, where everyone gets a discount on the new version, but people who bought close to when the new version announced (usually by the first public beta, some months before the proper release) get a bigger discount, or even get it completely free, depending on the length of time.

So you never really have to worry about this as much as with some software, but even if you do worry about it, the next major (as in costs money) update is a long way off.

Hah :slight_smile: Last one was more like 2.5 years, so not that much shorter than the one before it really.

We usually spend at least a year adding and improving things in the current version before even thinking about the next version. But there's no strict schedule, and definitely not yearly-like-clockwork updates to get your money for 5 new features that would be a free update in Opus, like a lot of software. :smiley:


Hi Leo,

Thanks for the info

I'm thinking we are due for a new beta any time now... :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Not any time soon.

I guess there wont be any cool youtube videos coming anytime soon :frowning: