Directory Opus 12 is now available!

GPSoftware are pleased to announce the release of Directory Opus 12!

After more than two years of development, and 6 months of an extremely successful public beta test program, Directory Opus 12 is now available!

Generous discounts are available for existing users of Directory Opus when you upgrade to Opus 12 - and remember that you can add extra licenses when you upgrade and get the same discount on the additional licenses.

Please Note: If you have been using a beta version of Opus 12 it is important that you download the release version using the link above.

Upgrades and licensing:
  • Registered Directory Opus 11 users can upgrade from as little as $50 AUD (~$37 USD, £28 GBP, €33 EUR).
  • If you bought Opus after 1st March 2016, or have an active maintenance plan then the update is completely free!
  • Users of older versions still qualify for discounted upgrades - visit the Upgrade page for a personalised quotation.

The following video provides an excellent summary of the new features in Directory Opus 12:

You can also view the Release Notes for a full list of changes.

There are a few changes in the 12.1 release version from the last beta release:

  • Fixed problem which could cause a delay in opening the properties dialog on ctrl-doubleclick
  • Ctrl+A is now trapped in edit controls in the utility pane (other keys like Ctrl+C already were)
  • Fixed problem which caused the return key to not get trapped in the rename dialog inline editor when macro mode was turned off
  • FIX: If you convert an image in-place, the Replace dialog opens. Double-click the thumbnail and it opens the image. The viewer has that image in the list twice so you can click from it to itself.
  • Rename script editor now opens with cursor at top rather than bottom of script
  • Fixed issue with grouped listview in Rename Presets and Prefs / Labels, where expanding/contracting groups could leave the list with an unnecessary h-scroller
  • Fixed bug where the jobs bar would open incorrectly in a new Lister if another Lister had the rename dialog (or any other dialog that blocks the progress bar) open.
  • Fixed problem with Viewer script object (the "files" property didn't work, so it wasn't possible to get a list of files the viewer was currently looking at).
    • Also added "Viewer.index" property to return the index of the current file
    • Show VIEWERCMD=goto can now jump a relative number of images (e.g. Show VIEWERCMD=goto,+10 to jump forward 10 files)
  • Fixed lister metadata panel not painting/resizing correctly when enlarged or maximized, due to change in 12.0.10.
  • Fixed repaint issues when Rename script editor is toggled and visual styles are disabled.
  • Fixed memory leak which would have shown up in various places, including filter labels that used the Type clause
  • Using the Set SAVEFORMAT command to save a favorite format interactively didn't work
  • The option in the Folder Options dialog to clear the saved format and reset to a favorite did not work properly
  • The various element widths in the Rename dialog are now saved with DPI scaling information. Same for the dialog editor.
  • Fixed rename dialog problem where a saved presets width that was too wide could result in other controls being pushed off the side
  • Fixed problems with navlock tabs in tab groups not working when the group is loaded
  • Improved Rename dialog resizing when scripts add/remove custom fields

Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta program. Remember, development doesn't stop just because Opus 12 has been released (in fact, development never stops!). Keep those bug reports and feature requests coming in.