Any news on Directory Opus 13...?!

I was wondering if there was any news on v13...?
Do you ever let people know what is coming...

When I asked such question several years ago, Leo explained that their policy is to disclose such information only when the new release or update is imminent, because plans could (and often do) change so to prevent overpromising and getting people disappointed etc. such info is not released until things are pretty much set in stone.

Additionally, speculation about these things on the forum is discouraged because people could read it and misinterpret it as official info.

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looking at the New-Releases
directory-opus-12-is-now-available Sep 5, 2016
directory-opus-11-is-now-available Mar 3, 2014
directory-opus-10-now-available Apr 30, 2011
directory-opus-9-now-available Apr 28, 2007

So its at least 2 years between major releases. In that respect Opus 12 is still quite new. I would expect opus 13 around 2018/2019. Historically they release quite a number of new features for free in minor releases.


Thank you for the update - appreciated
I had thought it was yearly!
All good here now and really enjoying some major recent updates to the way I use the program