Directory Opus 9 now available!

Dear Directory Opus Users,

GP Software are pleased to announce that Directory Opus 9 is now available for download.

The new version of Directory Opus offers many new and enhanced features. For a good introduction to the new version please see Leo's great online guide at For a full list of all changes since version 8, please see the changes notes which are available for download from the GP Software website.

All users who purchased Directory Opus after December 1, 2006 are entitled to a free upgrade to Directory Opus 9. All other registered Directory Opus users (including those still using version 6) are entitled to a significant discount on the upgrade fee. Please visit for a personalized upgrade quote.

We hope you enjoy Directory Opus 9 - many thanks for your support!

Jon Potter & Greg Perry
GP Software

Please note: we have published a minor update to the release version to address several issues that became apparent after the initial release.

If you are not affected by anything listed below you do not need to update - otherwise, please feel free to re-download the latest Opus from our website and reinstall over the top of your existing installation. Note that the version number is still as this is an extremely minor update, however the internal file version has been incremented.