New Folder window presets

Feature request for new folder window how about adding buttons to new folder window

so you could have presets for folders you create all the time

Why not create a button or series of buttons to creates the folder instead? This would be a single click rather than a click to open the new folder dialog, a click to select the option, and a click to OK it.

Here's an example that I often use.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<button backcol="none" display="both" textcol="none">
	<label>Create 3ds Max Folders...</label>
	<tip>Create 3ds Max Folders...</tip>
	<function type="normal">
		<instruction>@Confirm You are about to create a set of Project Folders for 3ds Max. Would you like to Continue?|Yes|No</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder archives</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder autoback</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder downloads</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder export</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder express</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder import</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder materiallibraries</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder previews</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder proxies</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder renderoutput/images</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder renderoutput/videos</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder renderpresets</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder sceneassets/animations</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder sceneassets/animations</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder sceneassets/images</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder sceneassets/photometric</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder sceneassets/renderassets</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder sceneassets/sounds</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder scenes/xrefs</instruction>
		<instruction>CreateFolder vpost</instruction>
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Something we added recently is the ability to show the CreateFolder dialog in multi-folder mode, with a list of folders pre-populated.

That way you can see what it's about to create and edit it if needed.


CreateFolder ASK NAME archives autoback downloads export express import materiallibraries previews proxies renderoutput/images renderoutput/videos renderpresets sceneassets/animations sceneassets/animations sceneassets/images sceneassets/photometric sceneassets/renderassets sceneassets/sounds scenes/xrefs vpost

Having said that, it may not always be better than Blueroly's way of doing things. It depends how you want to use the button, and how often you want to edit the preset list (vs how often you might want to make one-off changes to the list). Blueroly's button will be easier to edit than my command, since the list of files aren't all on one line with his one. So both methods have pros & cons in different situations.

Using either method to create a menu of presets, as Blueroly says above, is the way to go.

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well my thinking was that there is a lot of room in the new folder window and it already had a pic top left so i thought the left side would be a cool place for some buttons

man, i really appreciate your share. needed for this so much.

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