New indicator in column header?

I recently updated to 12.27 and just noticed the following. It may have been there all along but I now see a light grey "1" with an up arrow next to it to the right of the column header "Name" and also a light grey "2" next to the column header "Location." What do those numbers indicate? I see they disappear if you click on Name or Location to sort the column ascending or descending. See attached image.

One related question. Often the Location column is blank. It seems to populate when I do a search. Is that the only time there should be info in that column?

I believe your initial search sorts first by name (1), then location (2) IF more than one of the same named files exist in different locations, as the default. Once you initiate a sort on your initial search results, the numbers are not required as you're only sorting on the column you select.

See the manual entry here.

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thank you