New Trial License(s) Expired

My stock certificate for Dopus (I think) expired and I've downloaded a trial license. My attempt to install this trial certificate resulted in "Your evaluation period has expired. (2001A)

The certificate is new today.

Uninstalling/reinstalling changes nothing.

Uninstalling/reinstalling the latest beta changes nothing.

When did you install That version is a few months old now so your evaluation period has probably expired for the machine you are using.

An evaluation licence extends the eval period, and removes the nag messages that you get while using a stock certificate, but the extension is still relative to when Opus was installed on the machine, up to a maximum of 60 days.

(There's also a "trial reset" hack out there. Using that will instantly cause the evaluation period to expire with newer versions of Opus, FWIW.)

I believe I had it ( kicking around and no Internet connection. At any rate, sounds like you're saying the MACHINE has had it's maximum eval period, and that is that. Thanks leo.

You should always install the latest and official / genuine versions for evaluations.

If you purchase the program there are no such licence issues.

If you have a genuine case for a new evaluation period and have always used genuine versions of Opus and have not tried to circumvent the software licensing, then if you write to us (email support) and make a genuine case then we may be able to provide you with a new evaluation period.

We have just released Opus which allows people who have used up their evaluation period with 10.0.x.x or earlier versions to request another 60-day evaluation.

(This is normal whenever we change the first two parts of the version number, so that people who weren't sure about older versions can see what's new and re-evaluate whether or not Opus is right for them.)