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New Tutorial about Button Scripts (scripted functions)


Directory Opus script functions

Quick announcement before the clock sounds the new year: new tutorial page on the DearOpus website.

Took advantage of a rare lull to write a Tut I'd been meaning to do for a long time about Scripted Buttons (script functions).

The goal was to provide a primer that most can follow to get started with button scripting without fear. This completes a "trilogy" about the three kinds of Opus scripting (Button Scripts, Rename Scripts, Script Add-Ins). Some of you may be interested in the section of the tutorial about renaming files without using a rename script, so that you can take into account all of the files, not just the one being renamed.

Big thanks to Leo for helpful feedback on the draft. Big thanks to all those who provide advice on the forum -- you are an inspiration.

Hope some of you enjoy this year-end "treat".
As always, feedback most welcome, either here or on the site!

Wishing you all a peaceful end of the year, and a fun and fulfilling 2018.


Nice work! I think this will help people get into scripting.

(Already said it in email, but wanted to say it in public as well. :smiley: )


This new tutorial and all the advice given in it are really great! I approve! :smiley:

P.S., I've noticed that the "Next -> Other Types of Scripts in Directory Opus" button at the bottom of the page doesn't work (at least in Firefox).


Thanks Andy, looks great. That's my reading sorted for tonight...until all the noise starts!!!

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Thank you for the heart-warming encouragements guys!

Thank you also @Dan for alerting my via PM to the broken tinyurl link. Very odd, now fixed.

Hope you're all having a cruisy first of the year.



Wow! Your site is an amazing learning tool--Thanks making it!


And it only scratches the surface, compared to the collective wisdom contained on this site. But thank you for the kind words and encouragements. :slight_smile: