New User In Need of Help (regarding CD Images)

I just recently starting using DO 9 and I am loving it. I discovered the other day that the folders that have complete albums in them (i.e. mp3's) show up as actual cd looking images under thumbnail view, that is too cool.

I have run into a slight problem though. Albums that have more than 1 disc I have divided into separate folders (i.e. D:\My Music\David Bowie\2002b - Best of Bowie\Cd 1) and these albums do not match the others in the main artist folder, is there a possible way to change this so that they will match?


You can force Opus to draw a CD cover for a folder by copying/renaming the usual folder.jpg to a file called coverart.jpg in the folder.

Thank you so much for the quick reply, this app keeps getting better and better

It would be nice that this kind of information were also present in the manual..

It's not missing on purpose. :slight_smile: I've mentioned it to GPSoftware now that you've pointed it out.

If you do notice anything is missing from the manual just tell GPSoftware and they will hopefully include it the next time they update the manual.