New user questions

Excuse my inexperience, I just registered DOpus yesterday and I have some questions:

  1. Does DOpus support icons on menus and if yes how do I activate this? If not are there any plans to include this in a future release?

  2. Also, I've seen some screenshots over the forum displaying the context menu with icons. Why in my version I get a plain layout? What do I have to activate?

  3. In the help it reads: "The Advanced Rename dialog, accessed by clicking the Advanced button in the Simple Rename dialog...". I still don't understand how Advanced Rename can be accessed. Where is it located? This description is misleading. As an extension of this does Advanced Rename have an entry so that I can add a button on my toolbar? I cannot find it in the Commands tab when customizing toolbar. And if it's there why don't you use the same term as in the help section?

  4. Which is the programming language used to implement DOpus?

  5. Why doesn't this forum have a Suggestions category? You want your customer's feedback and suggestions for the future, don't you?

  6. What are the future plans for v10? Any official details on this?

Great, great, great tool otherwise. Keep up the already excellent work. If I may suggest for more functionality than configurability in the future.

Thank you!

The menus, toolbars, and context menus are all made up of "buttons" which you can customize to be what you want. You could copy or move a menu item to a toolbar or to a context menu, and vice versa. Icons are optional on all of them when you edit a toolbar button in customize mode. The checkboxes at the top of the button customize dialog (Show Image, Dual Image, Large Image Size) all deal with the icon or icons you can have on that button when it's displayed in a menu, context menu, or toolbar.

To get to the advanced rename dialog, select a file then on the menu goto FILE/FILE COMMANDS/RENAME, that should open the basic rename dialog box. On that, on the lower left corner is a button named ADVANCED which will change the basic rename into an advanced rename dialog. Or in customize mode you could create a new button and give it the command of RENAME ADVANCED.

I'll pass items 4, 5, and 6 (although it seems to me C++ might be the base language of Opus but I very well may be wrong) as those questions will have to answered by the forum moderators and/or GPSoft.

Below is a screen grab of my button which opens the Opus advance rename dialog box. The area inside the orange rectangle controls if and how icons are used.

Please Ask one question per thread (FAQ) unless the questions are related. Lots of different questions in one post makes it less likely people will answer quickly and makes it difficult for other people to follow the thread or find useful information via searching.

Select some files and click the Rename button on the toolbar. It's between the Create Folder and Delete buttons, by default.

If the Simple Rename dialog opens, just click the Advance button at the bottom, as per the manual.

Opus remembers which one you used last and will display it again the next time you click the Rename button.

The Rename button on the default toolbar is the same as the one in the Customize - Commands tab and also the same as the File - File Commands - Rename item John mentioned in the default menus.

(You can also make buttons which always open the Simple or Advanced dialogs, regardless of the last one used, if you want to.)

I guess the problem is it doesn't tell you how to open the Simple Rename Dialog.


There used to be one but so many people suggested things which were already possible (i.e. they really wanted help using existing features) and, conversely, asked for help doing things which were not possible (i.e. they really wanted to suggest a new feature) that we realised it was pointless and merged the two forums.

From the front page:

[ul][li]"User-run support community"
[li]"Note: For official help or to make feature requests use the GPSoftware support page."[/li][/ul]

If you need an official answer or want something added to the database of feature requests, so it isn't lost in the thousands of forum threads, then you should contact GPSoftware directly rather than (or as well as) posting at the forum.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to talk about features here before contacting GPSoftware. You may find what you want is already possible or that discussing the idea first may flesh it out and mean it's more likely to be accepted by GPSoftware.

As for problems, raising them here may get you a faster/better response just because there are lots of people reading the forum who may have more ideas (or simply be awake in a differnet timezone). GPSoftware also join-in here at the forums when they have time so the forum is a good catch-all place to ask questions or talk about ideas. It's not the official way to contact GPSoftware, though.

Nothing has been announced so far. Free updates to version 9 still seem to be coming out every few weeks so, judging by past release cycles, version 10 is probably a while away.

Thanks for the reply and sorry for posting too many questions on a single thread I know it's not a good technique but as I said I'm new to DO and I need to catch up.