New user switching from Total Commander

Hello I'm a new user making the switch from Total Commander.
Sorry if this has been asked before, I searched but I couldn't get a clear answer on this (but it's highly probable that I overlooked a clear answer on this).

I just want this for now:

I want to have a set of drive-buttons displayed for each pane (left and right). The drive buttons do not have to do anything fancy just the default drive buttons which you see when you double click the "Computer" icon on the desktop. (but now above each pane and it would be nice if the drive buttons would adjust themselves, for example if an external drive is attached it would reflect this in the button bar.)

The helpfile navigates me to: /Documents/Drive_Buttons_Configuration.htm => (Go DRIVEBUTTONS)

But I do not know how to implement this.

I think I can set most of the other things I want, but I just can't get this set.
(I am running dopus from an USB stick)

Thank you.

My apolagies, I forgot to mention in the title what I wanted.

Take a look at this link.... How to use buttons and scripts from this forum

Easiest way is go into toolbar customisation mode (right-click a toolbar and select Customise), then look in the Commands tab for Drive Buttons, then you can just drag it onto a toolbar.

@blueroly and Tenebrous
Thank you!