New Window - Default Lister Path

I have dual listers in my DO layout. When I open a new DO windows the left lister displays My Computer whilst the right lister display the last opened folder. How can I make both listers display the last folders they had open? I've searched the preferences but just can't find it.


I don't know of a way you can do that with a layout as a layout will reload the same locations the lister had displayed at the time that layout was last saved. The closest I can come to doing what you want is to go to PREFERENCES/STARTUP then ticking the OPEN THE LISTERS THAT WERE OPEN WHEN THE PROGRAM WAS LAST CLOSED option.


Yeah, I have that setting set.

Having the two listers display their last opened folders was the default behaviour in v6. I hope it can still be done with v8.

I think John's suggestion is right if you're talking about the listers which open when Opus is launched.

If you mean that you want to be able to close a lister and then open another one (without exiting and restarting Opus) and have the new lister use the old one's paths, then I think you just need to go to Preferences, Layout, Opening Listers and in the top half ("Inherit from the Default Lister") turn on Initial folders (and the virtual folders subitem, probably), and also Update Default Lister settings when Listers are closed.

This may not work with a Saved Layout since they remember paths. If you just want to open a dual lister by default, though, you can do it without using a Saved Layout.

I was just about to reply and say I have these settings and it's still not working, but I found the problem. I always open DO by pressing Win+E. If I use anyother method to open DO (including Win+O) it does remember the paths in both listers.

Is it possible to change Win+E to behave the same as Win+O? I tried creating a Win+E hotkey, but I can't set this combination.

I suspect that this always worked with DO6 because at the time I was running an alternative shell.

Unlike Win+O, Win+E isn't an Opus hotkey, it's a Windows/Explorer hotkey which explicitly opens My Computer.

If Opus is set as Explorer-replacement then it'll open My Computer using Opus, but the hotkey is added by Windows/Explorer and you can't make it open a different location.

I don't think it's possible to install another Win+E hotkey over the top, either... The Windows/Explorer hotkey always overrides it. :frowning:

You could make a Win+W doesn't seem to do anything so you could make a hotkey which opens whatever you want on Win+W.

Thanks nudel. I wasn't too hopeful of a solution.

I new the Win+E hotkey was a shell hotkey but assumed DO has some persuation over it, since it was able to make the combination open itself, rather than Explorer.

I'll just discipline myself to use Win+O, or maybe I'll got back to using LiteStep :slight_smile:

I think this is what you are talking about.
Preferences> Layout >Default Folder tab., you can specifiy where your first and second listers open to.


Nah. That setting has no effect on what folder is displayed when using the Win+E hotkey.

I'm actually using an app called AutoHotKey which has allowed me to redifine the Win+E hotkey to behave the same as Win+O. But I installed it because it allows me to use a combination of mouse button and scroll wheen to AltTab through applications. Very neat.