Newbie "advanced renamer" question

I have a bunch of TV shows in the format


which I'm trying to rename to

TV Show Title 02-13.avi

Following the examples in your help file, I wrote the following regex:

Old Name: (\D+)s(\d+)e(\d+)(\..*)(\..*)$
New Name: \1\2-\3\5

but the output I get is:


which unfortunately leaves all the dots intact. I can't figure out how to remove all the extraneous dots (not counting the one preceding the file extension, of course) without removing the actual "good" data. What am I missing?

You might be able to do it all with a single very complex regular expression, but I don't think it'd be a good way to do things.

Easier, if you want to do things all in one go, would be to use a rename script which can apply a regular expression and then a search & replace (or a second regular expression) one after the other. Script to perform multiple Regular Expressions has an example.

Alternatively, if you don't mind doing things in two steps, set up one rename preset to do the rename above, and a second to replace the dots with spaces. Dots to spaces except in numbers is good for that, and avoids breaking things like "v1.2" version numbers.

Thanks for the suggestion. Got it working by converting to a button thus:

Rename REGEXP PATTERN="(\D+)s(\d+)e(\d+)(..)(..)$" TO="\1\2-\3\5"
rename PATTERN="." TO=" " FINDREP