Newbie question about descript.ion and NTFS comments

Hi Folks,

For years I've used File Notes Organiser as a means to keep file/folder related notes!
The company went out of business for reasons of M$
I've been forced to switch to Windoz version 7 and don't want to try and incorporate old software that could introduce assorted off side effects.

And so I found Directory Opus. The comments feature isn't as good but I still reckon I'll be buying in to Opus having been seriously stung by Windows 7 ability to delete folders from the folder tree window by accident amongst other Win7 "features"


File Notes Organiser used a system not unlike descript.ion files which should make it easy via bulk edit and rename to recover my notes.
I see that descript.ion files may not be the best way to go forward so...

Q1 - Does Directory Opus migrate descript.ion comments into NTFS comments if one chooses not to use descript.ion files in the folder options? I'd expect not, but what then happens? Is a mix of NTFS commenst alongside old comments from descript.ion with new comments going into NTFS

Q2 - Is it possible to use both systems side by side? I guess a FAT formated USB stick, say, would be given descript.ion files

Q3 - What does the team recommend?

Hope that makes sense.

I realise that I could work this out by trial and error but it feels like a simple this to answer
and I am rather overwhelmed by all the other DOpus features !!

Q4 - is a DOpus beginner called a DOofus?

chris :slight_smile:
(amazed and a bit bewildered by it all)