NEWTAB=FINDEXISTING for default Folder Tree click

I'm trying to figure out how to force clicks from the folder tree to behave like NEWTAB=FINDEXISTING.

I can set this behaviour to any of the alternate options (ALT, CTRL, SHIFT), but not to the normal left click. There the only alternate option that can be turned on is TABFINDEXSTING, which is greyed out, preventing any manual change.

I realize that I can set this to middle button, but I have my a global hotkey set up for my middle button to switch to the most recently active Windows app (e.g. Alt-Tab). Since I rarely want my active tab to be used for the link I am clicking on, I want everything to act as NEWTAB=FINDEXISTING by default.

Any ideas?

I don't think there is a way to do that at present for the left button and without qualifier keys held down; only for the middle button or with qualifiers.

Thanks for the response. Maybe I can change this into an official request then. It does a bit odd that that's one of the very few options that can be manually configured! Hopefully that can be changed in a future upgrade to allow users to edit that if desired.

I just updated to 12.9 and am surprised to see (more than 1.5 years later) that there is still no option for user control in how selection events in the Folder Tree are managed. Opus allows for find grained user control in nearly every single area, and yet under Selection Events in the Folder Tree option pref setting, there is no way to set it to NEWTAB=FINDEXISTING for the left button, though you can change it to anything you want for the middle button.

I have all my navigation buttons set to NEWTAB=FINDEXISTING and would prefer that selecting different drives from the Folder Tree also not take over my active tab.

Is there any plan for removing the restriction on user edits to that? It would seem like a simple change to make.

thanks for your time

I think you are the only person who has asked for this so far.

My guess for the reason the left button isn't configurable in the tree (I didn't code this part of Opus so it's just a guess): It also seems like something that would create a mess of folder tabs very easily (e.g. if you pushed the cursor key a few times in the tree). Also, changing the tree's normal left-click behavior may cause problems for things like renaming via left-clicking in the tree (or may not; but there's potential for it to be more complex than just adding another configuration option).

I'm not really against the idea when it has to be configured explicitly, but it might turn out to be problematic and is low priority unless more people request the same thing.

If you really want all navigation to open a new tab, you could do that using an OnBeforeFolderChange script that diverts all folder changes into a new tab (possibly overriding the script in the folder double-click event, if you want that to behave normally).

Thanks for getting back. Well it does seem odd that I'm the only one who would want that behaviour! It just seems strange that the option is greyed out, since there is easy user control over nearly everything else. Well hopefully that option is added eventually!

In the next beta we'll make it so the normal left-click action is configurable as well.