Next and previous image dont work after copying image

When viewing pictures by double clicking them is it possible to go to previous/ next image with the scroll wheel or using backspace/space. After copying the image (Ctrl-Y) the scroll wheel and space/backspace no longer works.

Not sure why it happens but if, after doing the Ctrl-Y, you click another window and then back to the viewer the mousewheel works again.

You'll fix it - right ? :wink:

I can't fix anything, I don't work for GPSoftware or have access to the source code. :slight_smile: Hopefully someone who does is reading here but if you want it fixed for sure you should report it officially using the form here:

As it says in the list of forums, these forums are just for user-to-user discussion and support, although people from GPSoftware do join in sometimes as well.

Thanks for pointing out.