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Nicknames vs. usernames in notifications/pms


Somebody else noticed? o)

In thread-post and pm notification-emails, you always get a different username shown in comparison to what is displayed in the forum. The forum probably shows some kind of nickname, while in the notification you'll see usernames or first/last name.

It's irritating most of the time since you don't know the first/last name of the folks around here, so you wonder who's writing to you. The other thing is, are all members aware of the fact that a notification mail will reveal their first/last name which is not visible in other areas? Some kind of privacy issue here maybe?

I had a quick search on this, some topics found where the opposite was asked (showing first/last name in forum posts), but nothing that would indicate a setting to maybe fix what I find confusing. Maybe it's still worth having a look into the admin-panel, Leo/Jon? Given you can follow my thinking here of course. o)

I'd like nicknames in the notifications mails, so I can actually see who posted! o)


AFAIK there isn't a setting.


Weird! Thanks. o)


Actually, I had another look and found something which might turn it off. I am not 100% sure what it affects, but see if that fixes it next time you get a notification of the type you were seeing the full names in.