No Bitdefender when I right click on a folder


When I'm in Windows 10 File Explorer and right click on a folder, Bitdefender shows in the context menu and I can select it to scan the folder for viruses. When I do this in Directory Opus, Bitdefender is nowhere to be found. What is causing this error and how can I fix it?


BitDefender have chosen to hide their context menu from everything except Explorer.exe.

If BitDefender has a command line or scripting interface for scanning files then you could add your own item to the context menu which uses it and would work in Opus. Failing that, you will probably need to take the issue up with BitDenfender.

See No Context items for Bitdefender 2016.

OK, thanks Leo

Just drag the file(s)/folder(s) onto the Bitdefender widget and they will be checked by the program. It's fast and works a treat.

I had a conversation with Bitdefender. This is going too far ...