No "COPY CUT" command?

I try to move marked images to a certain folder. Therefore i need something like this:

Select ALL
Go Opencontainer
Go \Outtakes¹

So, is there any command to cut (Ctrl-x) the files?

¹ Here i want to go to the subfolder in the original location. I don't know, if this is the correct way to enter that folder, so maybe you can help me with this, too?

The commands are Clipboard CUT and Clipboard PASTE. If you used the default toolbars you'd have them there already.

You have to use the COPY MOVE command.
I use the code below to move selected files to a new folder. It first asks for a name of the target folder.

@set foldername="{dlgstring|Enter name of new folder}"
Select DESELECT {$foldername}

If it's always the same folder name you can doe something like this.
You can adjust the extension too if you want.

@set foldername="Outtakes"
Select DESELECT {$foldername}

Maybe there's a better code to use but both options work just fine for me.

I suggest:

Copy MOVE TO=ask

Ok, thanks, Jon, i didn't think of that.

Thanks also, Amorax, i will give that a try. Looks promising.

Edit: The files end up in the big directory, where all photo sessions are, which is the destination file display.

I have tried

@set foldername="Outtakes"
Select DESELECT {$foldername}
Select NONE
Select .
Copy MOVE TO {$foldername}

but it doesn't work yet.

Thanks Chuck. I think, i can "hard code" this one, it's always the outtakes folder.

When you want to move something into a subfolder inside the same folder you're in that's not very useful. You first have to browse to the folder you're in and than select the subfolder you want to move the files to. Or you have to create a new folder and give it a name. A simple dialog box asking for the new sub folders name works way faster; no clicking involved.

The sitiuation is like this: i am in a folder containing the images, plus two other folders, "original", & "outtakes". In the image viewer mode i mark all images, which are the outtakes. Then i want to move those files in the collection back to the "outtakes" subfolder of the previous folder.

I adjusted my previous message. I was commenting on Chuck's message and not on your code not working.

I don't completely understand what you mean by the "outtakes" folder of the previous folder. What is this previous folder in this case? I assumed you wanted to put the selected files in a subfolder inside the folder you're already in. That's what you also write in your last comment: i am in a folder containing the images, plus two other folders, “original”, & “outtakes”.

Apparently that's not the case. But if it is than you should use my code, which differs from yours.

Can you give an example with path and file names in case there's really a previous folder?

I just see I pasted the wrong code for the fixed folder option (second code block in my first message). That code was meant to move files in another way. Sorry, my bad. I adjusted the code to this:

@set foldername="Outtakes"
Select DESELECT {$foldername}

This will put the selected files inside a sub folder in the current folder you're in.

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I start here, for example:


That folder includes, say, 50 images.

Now, in my workflow i first rename the images to include the date, as well as creating two subfolders, original (to keep the original files), & "outtakes" (to sort out doubles or blurry images, etc.).

I would start to go into the viewer mode, then mark all images, which are to be moved to the outtakes. This brings me to a collection, which holds those outtakes, for example 10 images. The aim is to have those ten images moved back to


Your new code, by the way, made a new folder inside a collection, containing just the first image. So it is not about the current folder i am in (which would be the collection), but the previous folder, i was in, before marking the images. But thanks a lot, i will check this thread later, when i'm back home.

Your workflow might be a bit cumbersome with all this collection handling in between?!

  1. What about marking the images to get rid of with an "outtakes" mark/label and those to keep with a "keep" label. When done reviewing, push a button to move the images into their folders automatically (with the help of a predefined copy filter).
  2. Instead of marking images, move them directly into subfolders while you are reviewing them.

CURSOR-UP marks "keepers", DOWN marks "dropouts", LEFT+RIGHT just moves you through the pile. You end up with keepers, maybe-keepers and trash to be deleted. We should open a dedicated thread on this topic and also continue the research on why it still seems difficult to sort images with DO, even though a a lot of useful bits were added recently.

  1. Try FastRawViewer, Adobe-Bridges "Review" mode, PhotoMechanic

I was researching image culling workflows with different tools recently, FastRawViewer is what got most of my attention during the evaluation process, unfortunately it also offers some bugs to be fixed, but trying all the tools helped me to see what I'm really looking for when it comes to sorting images.

It wouldn't, if we just could go back to the previous folder. Seems the most natural way to me.

Yes, that would work. But i'm not quite sure, if this would be easier. Your other suggestion might work better for me, restoring the old function in the misc section. I'll give it a try.

But i have to review them in full screen mode, to see blurs, or other subtle unwanted things in the pictures,

Hmm, i'm not sure about changing this part of my workflow. Opus does quite a good job. My initial request was only about some small tweaking, in order to optimise the workflow. I also have worked with Bride so time ago, briefly, but couldn't get used to it. As far as sorting goes, i'll stick with Opus, i think. :smiley:

Yes, I meant to create Viewer specific hotkeys to move the files while you are reviewing them.

I understand your concerns. o) A dedicated tool has some big advantages like handling raw+jpg at the same time, reviewing decoded raw files directly, easy rating, reviewing images side by side or caching of folder contents.That said, switching away from DO for navigating the image "library" to one of the other tools to sort images raises new borders which does not really help to work more fluently.

Yep, unfortunately they all need time to get used to. Much time also goes into trying all the settings to speed up things or to get closer to the workflow you imagine. But as mentioned, it can be worth it since you get to know some tricks DO does not offer. I can fully understand if you like to stick to DO, the other tools also come with several disadvantages which I cannot deny. o)

Now that this issue has been fixed: Properties SETLABEL crashing DO I think it's really worth trying to apply sorting-labels directly from the Viewer. DO offers an icon overlay for the label applied in fullscreen, so you can sort for trash/keepers etc. at the same time and even see what your decision was. Sounds like a very neat way to me if you want it quick and lightweight.

You might be able to do raw+jpg side-by-side now using two viewer windows where the two stay tied together by a script. Not sure it would replace a serious photo editing tool, but might be useful for some tasks.

hi @abr, I am a bit late late coming to this this party. Like you I also don't have a good workflow for managing images. I need to do similar tasks, flag items, move them. So I am interested to hear more about what you have going. What works and what does not.

Re your button you want to move the selected file to a sub folder of its parent. This copy command should be this:
Copy MOVE TO "{filepath|..}\outtakes\" CREATEFOLDER="{filepath|..}\outtakes"

I've written a short script which diverts the new tab to the existing tab instead, which means clicking Back should work.

Nice solution @jon. I was wondering how that might be achieved with a script. I thought I could use something similar to Open new tabs in destination when source is locked but different events.

I also had a crack the problem. My solution was to copy the files then close the current tab, this takes you back to the previous tab, which should be the desired one. I don't know if this was already suggested?

What will the button do:

  • Select all image files if you hold down ctrl
  • Move all selected files to [files parent]\outtakes (creates outtakes folder if needed)
  • Close the current tab if you are in a marked pictures folder
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<button backcol="none" display="both" textcol="none">
	<label>Archive and close</label>
	<tip>Archive files and close tab </tip>
	<function type="normal">
		<instruction>Select grp:Images                    </instruction>
		<instruction>@keydown:common </instruction>
		<instruction>Copy MOVE TO &quot;{filepath|..}\outtakes\&quot; CREATEFOLDER=&quot;{filepath|..}\outtakes&quot;</instruction>
		<instruction>@ifpath:coll://Marked Pictures\*</instruction>
		<instruction>GO TABCLOSE</instruction>

Thanks, Jon & wowbagger! WIll try both versions sometime later, cause i'm otherwise busy right now. I'm looking forward to it.

I have tried both versions now. Wowbaggers code works, but i still have to find out, why Jon's script is throwing an error.