No Dir Opus and now No Windows Explorer

I could not remove Directory Opus by way of Windows 7 uninstall programs because Directory Opus 9 did not show up as an installed application. So I manually removed it from the installed programs folder. Now I have neither Directory Opus 9 or Windows Explorer and I have ABSOLUTELY NO ACCESS to my files on my computer. NADA!

I tried to reinstall Directory Opus 9 but I no longer have access even to its folder on my desktop. What do I do now? This sucks.

These two FAQs may help:

[ul][li]How to manually remove Explorer Replacement settings[/li]
[li]Where is the uninstaller? (In the usual Control Panel.)[/li][/ul]

If you just want to try reinstalling Opus (e.g. to then uninstall it normally), you should still be able to access its installer via the Win7 start menu. Just type the path into the field at the bottom of the menu.