No "Drag" capability & "List View" default

Hopefully these are simple to be answered ...

1 I can't seem to get DOpus to "block & drag" or "copy & drag" ...
If I want to place anything (excluding folders) into another lister I always have to "cut & paste" or "copy & paste".
Have I removed some default somewhere and how do I restore/enable this back?
Earlier versions of DOpus were capable of doing this simple Windows Explorer action.

2 How do I get DOpus to make every folder default view open in: "list" view (including images folders)?
The default seems to be "detail" view.

Cheers for any help.

Question 2 I found the answer to in a search ...
[Folder Formats: Quick Guide)

OK After another exhaustive search and a bit more tinkering Question 1 is also solved. ... light=drag

Cheers guys for being there.

The answer you found to question 1 was about changing what drag & drop does for particular directories. Was that what you were looking for, or did you want to know how to copy/move files without using drag & drop or the clipboard? (In which case you can use the toolbar button or a similar hotkey.)

For drag & drop the action always runs the same command but there is a "MOVEWHENSAME" argument to the Copy command which lets you emulate Explorer's behaviour of moving when you drag things between folders on the same partition and copying otherwise.

I'm not really sure what "block & drag" and "copy & drag" mean so I'm not sure if you found a good answer or not.