No drop-down "Start folder tree at..." option in Folder Tree Contents

I cannot control where the Folder Tree begins in Directory Opus 12 (latest version), because the "Start folder tree at" drop-down that is supposed to appear in Folder Tree Contents does not appear in my version. All I get is "show in Folder Tree."

Can you help me get the drop-down or find a workaround?

Are you using Pro or Light?


Is it only available in Pro?

Yes, only in Pro.

In that case, is there a way to set Directory Opus Light so that my user folder appears in the folder tree?

I can sometimes make the user folder appear by selecting any additional options in "Show in Folder Tree," but when I re-start Directory Opus the folder disappears again.

The User Profile Folder checkbox in the screenshot should make the user folder appear in the tree (under Desktop).

Is the option still ticked after restarting? Or is it resetting as well?

Could you post a screenshot of what the tree looks like with the folder showing, and another of what it looks like after a restart? That may reveal what's happening.

This is the screenshot of how it looks now. As you can see, "User Profile Folder" is checked but the folder does not appear.

It will sometimes appear if I click or unclick any option, but then disappears when Directory Opus restarts.

That does seem wrong, but not because of anything you're doing.

If you turn on Virtual (non-filesystem) folders just below the profile option, and click Apply, does anything appear there?

You should see Recycle Bin appear, if nothing else. Is it still there after a restart?

Turning off the lock above the tree is probably a good idea, as well, although I don't think it will be causing this issue.

I haven't been able to reproduce what you're seeing, but it might be due to a complex combination of settings. If you want, use Settings > Backup and Restore to make a config backup and send it to me via private message. (You can rename the extension to .zip to look inside the backup and e.g. delete ConfigFiles\ftp* if it has your FTP passwords, or any other sensitive info that wouldn't be important to the problem.)

With Virtual (non-filesystem) folders it's the same thing: the user folder appears but when I restart Directory Opus it disappears again.

I made the backup but I am unable to send a private message to you. Could you please make it possible for me to send you a private message and I'll give you my current settings.

Please try now.

Thank you, I sent it as a .zip file; let me know if there are any problems seeing it.

Selecting Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Populate contents for local devices only (or the option above it) seems to fix things.

Alternatively, turning off Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Expand 'My Computer' when tree opens also seems to fix it. There seems to be an unintended interplay between those two options, which we're looking into.

Thank you, that seemed to work. I appreciate your help.

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We have a fix coming in the next update so that the other branches on the tree won't be hidden when using that combination of Preferences settings.

Many thanks for reporting the problem!