No mp3 metadata in file display

I just Installed DOpus 12.25.1(Beta) x64
now my mp3 files metadata doesn't display in file display.
I am sure the file has the metadata, because the metadata panned does show the metadata.
does any one have the same problem?

No, nothing unusual so far. Could you post screenshots, that show the difference between 12.25 and 12.25.1?

The Selected files artist and albumartist and title does show in metadata panel but doesn't show in file display immediately

and look at this after a few minutes all the metadata does display nicely no problem, same files does selected in both of the screenshot

Something was tying up the background thread which gets metadata from files for that window.

It usually means there was a file which caused something to take a very long time to process it. It's often an issue with third-party metadata extractors rather than Opus itself, although it's possible for the problem to be in Opus as well.

If you can find the file that triggers the problem, that will probably point in the direction to investigate.

I have no idea how to find out the file that triggers the problem, any idea?
I am still facing the problem.

Pay attention to which folder you are in, or just exited, when the problem happens.

Then look at the files in those folders, and maybe start copying a few at a time to another until the problem starts happening in that folder as well.