No new topic option

on both of these screens why cant there be a NEW TOPIC button as the user is already in the part of the support area where they are reading their previous/ current support requests AND there are a whole lot of other user support options........

the actual NEW TOPIC button is actually top left "DIRECTORY OPUS" but there is NO indication the NEW TOPIC button lives here. tbh is pretty obscure and illogical for the NT button the be here.

I don't think that's up to them much, for this forum is running on Discourse.

To me, it makes sense for the 'New Topic' button to be just on the forum's home and category pages, opposed to on the account and inbox pages. Otherwise one could possibly think the topic to be account-related or private.

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hello pro
thanks for your reply

"I don't think that's up to them much, for this forum is running on Discourse."

i wonder who the THEM are: and how does running on DISCOURSE,(whatever that is) determine what the THEM do.....

im completly lost by that sentence: sadly and sorry

anyways mine was just a suggestion but i see your point.


This forum platform is coded and maintained by Discourse, not by Directory Opus or its developers. Hence you will find many other support forums on the web that look exactly the same.

The Opus devs do have some settings in the background, but where the buttons and such are located wouldn't really be up to them.

Are you sure it is provided by Discourse? It seems the forums are highly modified by DO devs so I doubt it's hosted at Discourse servers.

Just my 2cts, though.

It's not that highly modified, just within the confounds of the Discourse settings. Otherwise there would've been an automatic dark mode as they would've preferred, there wouldn't have been a mass mailing bug, etc. :wink:

And thankfully, for any time spent on forum modifications could well be put into the software and technical support. The forum works alright.