No shortcut


I am not able to create desktop shortcuts (windows 10) from either documents or programs within opus (send to desktop create shortcut, nothing happens) no I realise I cannot create a shortcut by dragging either, I get an icon (circel with a stripe, like not allowed to park), I tried lifting the UAC but that did not help either, I cannot create a shortcut from the explorer either, I switched of all my protection (virusscanner, vpn) but it does not make a difference, what could it be?



If it's affecting File Explorer as well then it's likely something either blocking shortcut creation or some component of the operating system is broken.

Have you tried a web search for a similar issue? There seem to be a lot of threads out there about similar issues, but you would be the best judge of which are closest to what you're seeing and the method(s) you've tried.