No tooltip for right-most status bar graph

I am using Leo's Directory Opus 10 status bar code. When in Dual mode, I get a tooltip on the right-side bar graph that tells me what percent of my drive is in use. The left side does not show this tooltip.

Can anyone confirm this?

Also, while I'm on the subject of progress bars, why doesn't Opus use the progress bar graphics dictated by the current Windows visual style? It makes me sad :frowning:

It does?

Maybe I wasn't clear. I'm talking about the bar graphs drawn in the status bar when you choose g=3, and the bar graphs drawn to show things like relative file size, relative age, and percent full (for drives in My Computer view). Opus draws its own bars for these elements.

Oh crap I got the left and right side mixed up in my original post. (I do that a lot :frowning:)

They aren't progress bars :slight_smile:
As far as I know, they're not part of the Windows theme (at least, they're not documented as far as I can tell).

Ah, semantics :slight_smile:

Well I guess the question them becomes this: why doesn't Opus use those lovely graphics to draw these (not progress) bars? After all, Explorer uses the progress bar graphic to draw its "percent full" bar graphs in My Computer view...

No it doesn't :slight_smile:

As Crocodile Dundee might say... :slight_smile:

That's all really beside the point. Opus uses different images than explorer does for these "graphs" as you call them, and I'm curious to know why.

Also, what of the tooltip issue that is the actual topic of this thread?

It's a direct response to one of the points you made once, then made again in the reply immediately before the responses were posted.

("why doesn't Opus use the progress bar graphics" ... "Explorer uses the progress bar graphic.")

Like Jon said, as far as we know the images Explorer uses for those graphs are not part of any theme (or at least any documented theme that we're aware of).

They may be private bitmaps within Explorer itself, or part of a private/undocumented theme, or possibly even drawn algorithmically by code within Explorer which is not shared for other programs to use.

It's a bit like asking why the buttons and other elements on Amazon look different to the ones on YouTube.

If you're concerned about programs not using the graphics dictated by the current Windows visual style, you should start with Explorer and/or realise that the style guide and APIs/themes don't handle a lot of situations, with free-space graphs being one of them. (At least as far as I know.)

I haven't looked at that yet, but it's on my list.

(If you don't want your own thread to get derailed and only partially answered, stick to one question per thread. :slight_smile:)

I tell a lie, the meter-style bars are part of public theme (though there doesn't appear to be any control that draws in that style by itself).

I'll see if we can get Opus to use it as well when it's available.

Thanks leo.

I use Windowblinds as well as regular Visual Styles, and both "skin" these graph bars in Explorer, so I'm guessing Opus can use them as well :slight_smile:

Should be able to, yeah. (Although note that there are a few things in Explorer that WindowBlinds skins explicitly, without changing system-wide themes or similar. But it looks like these aren't one of them.)

LOL. I once thought something similar about file managers...
"that´s not a file manager... this is a file manager" swishhhhh

Confirmed, bug introduced in and has been fixed for

Great, thanks for checking on that (and fixing it) :slight_smile: