No video codec or other video info

I was trying to add columns that shows me video codec, size etc. None of them works in any video file I have - they're just empty (video codec, audio codec, frame rate etc.). I've check on many directories and many video files. Is any problem with latest Opus beta? I rarely using these options but remember that they was working (but not remember when I used info for video files last time). I was trying to using movies info in tooltips but do not work too.

What type(s) of video files are they?

As I said - any video, all possible types - I've check this on lot of videos - avi, mp4, mkv etc. Opus don't even try to read info. I even created simply XVID file without sound - the same.

And I can read, without problem, framerate, frame width and height from "properties/details" window.

PS. (sorry for 3rd post, I just can't edit previous post) - some of columns that doesn't work for movies, work for images (dimensions, width etc.). So my problem is only with video files.

UPDATE: I can read some informations after I enable "movie" plugin. And now I don't know what I should do, because you said that disabling this plugin is the only way to use modern video renderer (Update internal video player request). So - how can I have both - modern video renderer and read movie properties? Another bug - if metadata panel is open and viewer panel is open too, I see empty fields (no info) in metadata panel. After I close viewer panel - I see dimensions etc. in metadata panel. These dimensions I see on extra lister columns always (of course after I enable movie plugin).

Is any chance to fix it / improve it? Or I must choose between better viewer / movies info?

Hi peterb, maybe try disabling Movie plugins automatic playing of movies?

I'm hoping that will drop the playing of the movies to the ActiveX+Preview+Office+Web plugin but still provide the column metadata you want it to handle. Otherwise, perhaps you can just move the Movie plugin down below the ActiveX+Preview+Office+Web plugin in the list?

Note: I tested disabling automatic playing of movies in the Movie plugin and it works - so long as you ALSO configure the ActiveX+Preview+Office+Web plugin to handle all of the extensions that the Movie plugin is configured to handle (by default, the ActiveX+Preview+Office+Web plugin only handles 3 or 4 file types).

No, is not working in my case.

I even removed all these extensions in movie plugin (and add one random) - is still playing videos using internal player. And I cannot move ActiveX higher than Movie plugin. If I want to play movies using modern player, I must disable movie plugin BUT THEN - none of columns related to MOVIES (in lister) works.

I think it should not work that way. Columns are something that is internal in Opus (at least it looks that way) and they should not rely on plugins (which should be optional).

I'll wait for opus crew answer (I hope) - it is strange that in modern filemanager internal player is old and remember XP (or even 98?) era and using modern player disables all movie related columns.

Sorry about the bogus advice on moving the Movie plugin lower than the other one. But I repeated the test here (disabled the 'Automatically play movies' option) and Opus is definitely using the WMP bits to play the videos. But it didn't work "right away" for me either. At first, it seemed to load the Movie plugin - but then just showed a black screen and didn't actually play the video. Try fully exiting and then re-loading Opus... that's what I did and it started playing in WMP. Don't 'remove' the associations from the Movie plugin either... just be sure to ADD the desired associations to the ActiveX+Preview+Office+Web plugin config.

And I was able to see the same column metadata as I was able to see BEFORE making the change...

FWIW, after all the chatter about your dissatisfaction with the support process - I'm surprised you would still feel compelled to make the following sort of comment (and 'again' - seeing as how you posted the same complaint in the other thread about the internal video player):

These guys put their efforts into areas of the product they feel will benefit the most users... and enhancing 'basic' movie playback isn't something that a large percentage of Opus users have apparently cared enough about up until now to drive change. At least, not enough to convince them it's important enough to prioritize over 'other things' at the moment.

In my case I trying restart opus few times - not working.

And come on - I switch to different (default activex) player in viewer (after I get answer that internal player will not be updated), but then I lost movie info columns! I don't really care about internal player update anymore, but I expect that movie columns will work good, no matter I using some plugin or not.

I'm still registered DO user and If I see bug - I write about it (and complain sometimes). I think criticism is more motivating than writing comments like "DO is great". I know that DO is great, that's why we all buy this software, isn't?

You're right. Great approach. Good luck...

I hope that luck will not be needed and I just get answer. If you have some info how humbly should be the question to get an answer, then I'll be happy to learn it.

Back to main topic - for now I'll just not use viewer for movies. I hope it will be fixed some day.