Non tech user problems with preferences

My most frequent use, as an unsophisticated but long-time registered user is to set-up a Lister one with two vertically placed panels. The panels now have very different font sizes.
There must be some obvious, quick way to solve my problem and have the fonts in both panels the same.. My efforts to do so using Settings>Preferences>Font, resizes both panels but not one individually. I would like to return all font displays to the default or original status. Please help me. In addition, is there a way to return all such settings to the original status?
I have searched but not found a "Reset all" instruction
I have an additional problem on one but not both of my registered computers. Every two or three months the program unpredictably reports its and unregistered. I can reregister. Is there some suggestion you could make to spar me from this time-wasting drill?
Thank you in advance for your help

Could you try to use Ctrl+mouse wheel in the file panel to make font sizes equal?

Thank you very much. Worked perfectly.
Do you know a way to reset preferences?

In Preferences dialog see File menu.

If it's per-tab font sizes, those must've been overridden in the individual tabs. You can use Ctrl + 0 (zero), the same hotkey that Chrome uses, to quickly reset the font size in the current tab. You should also see an icon in the path field which you can click if the font size is different to normal for a tab.

Sounds like something on your system is messing around with files that it shouldn't be touching. If you use a "Registry Cleaner" or similar, I would suspect that as the culprit.

BTW, zooming file panel is not working in List mode :slight_smile: