Norton Security not in the context menu

After updating to the new Norton Security, the item in the context menu disappeared in Directory Opus.
Is it necessary for developers to write Norton Security or is it Opus Directory?
There is an item in Windows Explorer.
Directory Opus does not have Norton Security.

It's a Norton issue. If you search the forum there are a couple of threads about it, and Norton have a history of intentionally hiding their menus outside of Explorer for some reason (why have no idea why).

I think you can work around it by creating a similar menu item that runs Norton via its command line.

Thank you very much for the answer.
I thought so, just decided just in case to ask.
Today I read on a forum different, they write that in Total Commander, too, this item is not in the context menu.
So you need to write Symantec and ask them.
Thank you very much for your support.


And in the registry, where can I fix it so that this item appears in the context menu of Directory Opus?
I just don't really know the registry.

Search the forum for Norton and you should find the existing threads. They have more information than I have in my head. :slight_smile:


Thanks again.

This thread has some example commands in it:

Thanks, I will take a look.
Today I will call in support of Norton, I will ask them what they will answer.
Then I will write the answer here.

I called Norton Support and asked why there is no "Norton Internet Security" item in the context menu
They replied that they did so on purpose, removed this item in the file managers, for better protection.
In file managers, if there is this item, then protection will already be weaker.

What they say doesn't really make any sense, but we can't change their choices, however strange they are.

I just wrote the answer that Norton answered.
Now we know for sure that Directory Opus works great.
Norton himself removed this from the context menu.
This function is not so important, it is not so often needed, and if necessary it can be checked from Windows scan.