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Nostalgic Directory Opus 4.12 theme?

How cool would it be to have a nostalgic Opus 12 config so it looks and behaves like v. 4.12 on the Amiga?

Can buttons in Opus 12 have colored text, colored backgrounds, and the little folded corner like they used to? If not could this be implemented?

Has anyone already done it?

Maybe for the 25th anniversary edition?


Wow, does that bring back memories! My first experience with any kind of file manager, and to be honest, I had forgotten what the interface looked like back then.

Talk about a trip down memory lane.......

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I just wanted to let you know that i am trying to recreate the old amiga look:

Still a work in progress but if you really want the old style looks you can get ideas about the bottom toolbars from my configuration which is posted there.


Awesome! I am still missing the little "folded corner" on the buttons that have right-click actions :slight_smile: