Nostalgic: DirOpus v4.12 on Amiga

DirOpus v4.12 on Amiga (Workbench v3.1)

The screenshot was taken from WinUAE, but the system was ported 1:1 from my Amiga 3000 incl. Picasso IV (which explains the higher res compared to ECS). I've spent some hours to get it work (uncounted "gurus" :slight_smile:), especially some OS-updates were necessary and over the years I nearly forgot all about its configuration (last used in 1998, but the Amiga still works). Now I miss "startup-sequence" again in Windows :wink:.

You may ask why not DirOpus v5/Magellan? I didn't liked it with all its windows and it simply ran too slow on a 68030 :slight_smile:.

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