[not a bug] Confirm File Replace

i am unraring a set of RAR-archives and even when i choose Replace All the Confirm File Replace-dialogue would re-popup over and over again. unattended operation doesn't do the trick either. so the dopus implementation does replace files with the same names for the current extracting archive but it prompts the user to redo the Replace All choice for the next archive of the selected *.RAR's.

WinRAR does what i expect: 'Confirm file replace' -> 'Yes to All' -> no further prompts for the remaining to be extracted archives.

am i observing the dopus behavior correctly? i guess it's not a bug. so next time i select RAR's in the Lister and want to do 'Extract Here' from the context menu, i better stick with WinRAR :imp:

There is surely a way to avoid that, for example using COPY WHENEXISTS=replace.

i have installed and the bug is gone.

so maybe it was a bug which i had detected and reported here.

nobody thanked me for pointing out this bug.

anyway. you're welcome.

I don't think anything changed to do with this.