Not able to change color of exe files

I dont understand where i did wrong but not able to change colour of exe files.Its always blue.I am sure i have changed it myself once but now i cant.What i am doin is

Settings-filetypes-filetypes groups-Programmes-File colors and then check override sytem colors. and select the color i want.I also have exe files in programm group.
attaching the pic so u can see my exe file is still blue.

Another thing i am not able to do is can't change color of all the drives which are in black.When we click on my computer ,drive names are all black

Try editing the EXE file type. You probably set it to blue in the past and it's now overriding the Programs file type group.

You can't change the colour of drives (in the file display at least; not sure about the folder tree) as, currently, the My Computer view is generated by Explorer.

yes it works :slight_smile: