Not detecting (or possibly not reporting) UTF-8, no option?

I own a QNAP NAS, which offers FTP access to its file system. Many files on the NAS have special characters in their name, UTF-8 encoded. (think diacritics in Icelandic bandnames, accents in French movies, etc.)

I've searched these forums and it would seem that DOpus does have support for UTF-8 in its FTP client, but the names still show up garbled. Not only that, but the garbled names result in errors that prevent opening the folders. I will report this problem as a bug of course.

But my question is this: is it possible to force DOpus to interpret data from the FTP server as UTF-8 encoded, other than reconfiguring the server? I can do this using Putty and doing so fixes the problem on that client. Putty handles the input gracefully if I don't (the characters show up as two alternate characters instead), so it seems it already deals with it better than DOpus. But in UTF-8 mode, it shows everything as it should be.

I realize that this probably means the FTP server doesn't properly report the fact that it is sending UTF-8 characters, but I have no way of fixing this (I've already did some searching and got discouraging comments on the QNAP support forums). One option would be to install a better FTP server on the NAS, but I feel that DOpus should really be able to deal with an FTP server in this situation and just offer a way to switch to UTF-8, regardless of what the FTP server is reporting?

I'd love to be proven wrong and pointed at the DOpus option that fixes this, of course :slight_smile:

Problems with particular FTP servers are usually best sent to GPSoftware, who may ask you to provide debug details (or a login they can use if possible).

If it's a NAS, though, can you not access it as a network share instead of FTP?

I can access it as a network share, but I have a couple of shares I only expose as read only network shares. I would like to use FTP to access those folders to get write access without the requirement to log in as another Windows user to get the proper authorisation. And it should work, right? :slight_smile:

I'll look into it some more and send any relevant questions and information to GPSoftware, thanks.

It should work but different FTP servers are inconsistent about the way they support UTF-8.