Not intercepting Explorer when My Computer pinned to Taskbar

Been a long time since I was fluent with DOpus, back in the 90s on the Amiga. I did actually buy DOpus on the Amiga, version 5.x I think, Magellan.

Have started to use it on w10 pro recently, brings back good memories even though
it looks different and it is definitely quicker for file handling, I like it out of the box. My 60 day evaluation ends in July when I will buy it.

I have scanned the threads, can't find an answer to the below questions, apologies if it is me being stupid.

a) DOpus doesn't seem to intercept calls to explorer when the my computer icon is pinned to the task bar. I do not have any icons on my desktop, everything I need is pinned to the task bar. I have tried having the my computer icon on the desktop, and DOpus correctly intercepts the double click and opens when it is set to replace explorer. It does not seem to do that when the icon as I say is pinned to the task bar. Is it me or is there a way to get it to intercept calls to explorer from the task bar?

b) Even if DOpus is not set to replace explorer and is set to minimum integration to windows, it still adds two items to the context menu no matter what. Other than using something like maybe autoruns, I cannot find a way to remove them, other than uninstalling. Is this correct?

c) I have downloaded a few themes for DOpus, but for the life of me, I cannot get them to work. I was hoping double clicking on them might work (.dlt files) but no. How do I install a theme?

Sorry for these basic questions folks! Thanks for any help.

  • a) Pinning things directly to the taskbar will always open them in File Explorer, because of the way Microsoft have written the taskbar.

  • b) Turn off Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration / Add 'Open in Directory Opus' item to folder context menus.

    If the option is ghosted, it's because Explorer Replacement is turned on, which depends on the item being there.

  • c) Themes are loaded via Settings > Lister Themes, which is described in detail in the manual.

As an aside:

Hi Leo,

Many thanks for your brilliant answer! I am glad that it wasn't just me with the taskbar. I can't believe how daft I have been with the other two things, this is what using win does to you :wink: I now have a theme installed no issues, and for that matter I had looked in the manual too, just the file element I overlooked.

I will just stick to one question as well next time.

Thanks again!