(Not Opus) Window unusable after closing fullscreen games (Win10 Fall CU)

Hello, since the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update the Directory Opus Window is "unclickable" after closing fullscreen games if it was already open before the launch of the game. Everytime you click on it it just minimizes. I have to close it and start it again. However this does not happen all the time.

I try to figure out what exactly triggers this.

Are you running any tools like Borderless Gaming or similar which modify windows to remove borders, make them full screen, on top, or similar? Make sure it is not matching the Opus windows by accident (e.g. because you are in a folder with the same name as the game, and the tool is configured to match based on window title alone).

Further testing showed this isn't an Opus exclusive problem. Other windows are affected too, though only one at the time. Guess this is a Windows 10 Bug.