Nothing when I right click drive in My Computer

When i right click in My computer on the drive letter, there is nothing. Do you have any solution? Thank you.

If you right-click the same drive in File Explorer, what happens?

The menu is in the picture.

It's unusual for that menu to have problems as it is one we don't build ourselves; we just ask Windows to display the context menu for the drive and it does the rest.

Most likely there is a shell extension adding items to that menu which is causing the problem, possibly only in Opus or maybe in processes other than File Explorer.

The items that are visible in the menu would be the first things I would try disabling/removing, but it's also possible it's an item which is not in the menu (since shell extensions are asked if they want to add things to menus, and may go wrong at the point they are asked even if they don't then add anything).

You can use ShellExView 64-bit to disable context menu shell extensions without uninstalling things entirely.

If you need more help tracking it down, please link your account.