Ntl.dll crash deleting from Synology NAS recycle bin

DO has been crashing since v 13.3 . I have tried several more recent beta releases (I just installed v 13.4.8 beta). I EMAILED a crash log to suport yesterday (12/4)

DO crashes when I open a recycle folder on my Synology NAS and delete files in that folder. I have never experienced this before with DO (earlier DO versions - v13, 13.1 and 13.2 - or with any v12 or v11 versions). Note that in all instances where this has happened, I can perform this operation with no problems with Explorer. The DO crash seems to indicate a problem with the ntl.dll driver.

I am currently running the latest version of WIN 11 on my pc (Windows 11, version 23H2).

It would be good if you are able to take a look at this.

We replied to your email earlier today/yesterday (depending on timezone).

It looks like a thumbnailer shell extension something has installed is crashing when the viewer pane is open and it is asked to display the selected file (probably the one being deleted, or the one that gets selected after it is deleted).

Same problem exists in DO V13.6 ... have emailed the crash log to: crashdumps@gpsoft.com.au.
Again, no problem in using Explorer ... could you please have a look at this ? MANY THANKS !

The new DMP doesn't look related to the original issue, or at least has different symptoms.

But it's going to come down to something similar: Something has installed a badly written shell extension, which is crashing the process.

The DMP is inconclusive about which extension caused the problem. It's likely (but not certain) to be one of the Icon or Icon Overlay ones, which you can find and disable via Preferences / Miscellaneous / Shell Extensions.

The error is:

0xC000071F: A threadpool worker thread enter a callback, which left with preferred languages set. This is unexpected, indicating that the callback missed clearing them.

Which means something called SetĀ­ThreadĀ­PreferredĀ­UIĀ­Languages and then didn't undo that afterwards. Opus itself never calls that API.

Googling for 0xC000071F finds similar bugs in shell extensions crash File Explorer a lot as well, so this is not specific to Opus.

If you track down the extension causing the problem and want to send the developers more information on what they're doing wrong, these's a post about it here:

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Hi Leo ... thanks for looking at this ..not much luck tracking it down as yet ... to be specific, it seems to occur with DO only when I delete multiple files at a time in the NAS recycle folder .... interesting that Explorer has no problems with this operation at all (irrespective of the number of files being deleted).
I am a little perplexed as to why it doesn't seem to be a problem with Explorer.