nVidia Gridlines compatibility

I just upgraded to a new monitor and want to use the nVidia Gridlines feature of their drivers.

Basically it lets you divide the screen up into sections and then when you maximise a window with the Alt key held down the window resizes to the nearest section. It's handy for having two maximised windows side by side on a widescreen display, for example.

The problem is Open seems to be trapping the Alt key when I click to maximise (either the icon or double click the window title bar). Other programs work fine but not Opus.

I have tried with both V8 and V9x64.

I'm not sure but it may be due to the Alt-click option which allows you to edit toolbar buttons quickly. Try turning it off and see whether the alt key is still trapped.

Thanks tanis but it still does not work. Shame there is no way to change the modifier in the nVidia software. Middle click would be ideal.

I don't think it's the Alt key. Opus seems to calculate its own maximized position, rather than letting the OS/drivers do it, so graphics drivers which do unusual things when you maximize don't affect Opus.

I'm not sure if there's a good reason behind it or not.

Well, it isn't that important since I rarely maximise Opus windows anyway.