OCB files in new install

I have my new install material to update to Opus 11 from Opus 10. I know that one can usually select to use the customizations from Opus 10 in the new install. Will they all be used if that is selected? Or has the program changed in some areas, so that all cannot be accepted?

I have backup copies of my OCB files from Opus 10.

If I should choose to not use my Opus customizations from Opus 10 just to see how things looks, and later I want to then use my Opus 10 OCB file, can I simply do that?

Or, if I accepted the use of my Opus 10 OCB file, and wanted to revert back to the original install and stop using my Opus 10 OCB file, how do I do that? Should I create an OCB (or whatever 11 uses) after the install, where it is a basic install, and save that, and then just select that later if I want to revert to the basic install?

If you install Opus 11 over Opus 10, without uninstalling in between, then your old configuration is automatically carried over. (The new toolbars will be switched on, but you can switch to your old ones in a couple of clicks: Your old toolbars are still there after you upgrade )

Opus 10 OCB files can also be loaded into Opus 11 in the usual way, if you wish.

If you ever want yo reset to the full default config (not just some aspects of it), uninstalling and reinstalling is the easiest method.