Occasional Hang & Dopus Doesn't always allow removables to b


It's nice to have Dopus back again after having Magellan on the Amiga (RIP).

I've come across two problems since I started using it. I'm on latest 8.1 and sometimes, when I double-click to get a new lister, the application pops-up, but the listers don't appear and the app hangs. It's not waiting for DVDs or Network drives. I kill it with Taskmanager and restart and it starts fine.

The other issue is quite often, when I've finished writing to a USB removeable drive, I close down the listers pointing to that drive, even close all the open Dopus windows, but Windoze still won't let me remove the drive "safely" until I completely kill Dopus and restart it.

Can't find anything similar when searching the forums etc.

For the first, I'd suggest changing the path that is opened in the lister when you open your listers. It could be either the folder listed in the Preferences->Layout->Default Folders tab, or something in whatever saved Layout you might explicity be loading when you double click (the desktop?), or if you've got the Update Default Lister settings when Listers are closed then you might find your listers open to the 'last' folder you had open before you closed a lister, and want to try disabling this? Point being, it could be something in that initial folder that's contributing to the hang... is it 'My Computer'?

For the second, most would probably suggest that you grab one of SysInternals 'filemon' or 'handle' utilities to see if you can verify what process is attached to the path of your USB drive. I think GPSoft improved some issues with this 'lock' being casued by Dopus, but it could still be an issue for some (did you search the forums for just USB?). Could it also be some other application launched from Dopus against a file or folder on the drive as some sort of child process if you double-clicked or right-clicked on something while in Dopus?

The first problem is likely caused by a particular file that is making things go wrong either with an Opus plugin or an Explorer shell extension.

Greg's advise in this thread is worth following if you still need to track down the problem:

resource.dopus.com/modules/newbb ... 50&forum=3