Odd black background issue

I get that, I had default options on everything. I'm using the demo of the latest version of Directory Opus 9... Not sure what's going on, but it's annoying. I get this on a lot of windows. Basically all the preference right hand side windows look like that.

Does it happen if you don't use that windows theme you're using?

I suspect it's a variation on this problem - [resource.dopus.com/t/fix-white-boxes-behind-labels-in-preferences/3331/1) - caused by your theme.

Yeah it probably is. Darn. I hate to have to drop this theme. But it does cause some issues.

It sure was that. Darn... Ah... I really need to find a better minimalistic theme for my Windows XP then.

So turning off that option in Prefs (as shown in the link I posted) didn't help with this?

There were some problems like this that could happen if you upgraded from an Opus 8 config (or loaded and old one).

These issues were fixed in 9003. Please download and install the latest 9003 version and see if the issue is resolved.