Odd display behaviour

I'm not really sure what the problem is, or how it starts.

I do a lot of stuff with music files (mp3), and I run constantly with a 2-up display. A month or so ago I started noticing that instead of the standard Name, Size, Type and Modified columns being shown, I was getting the Name column narrowed - so that a file name of more than 20-something characters is truncated - and I now got Attributes and Author columns.

That was on 8.1. After installing 8.2 the problem went away - until yesterday, when it started again, but only on the laft-hand display - until just now, when I checked a couple of things to be sure I was telling it like it is, it's on the right hand one too.

Interesting. I thought maybe stopping and starting Dopus might produce some effect. It did, Dopus came up not responding, so I had to kill it. Next time it came up the right hand display was OK. Shifting the boundary between Name and Size corrected the laft hand side, and so far it's behaving properly.

I'd very much like to know WHAT it is I'm doing to cause this behaviour, or to get some tips as to how to find out what is happening.

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