Official Dark Theme?

Now that you have fixed the dark theme issues will you be creating an official dark theme? There is a ton of tweaking involved to get a dark theme to work so an official dark theme would be a great starting point.


Possibly, yes.



Now with 1809 Windows 10 update, it supports dark much better even in windows explorer.
It is time for DOpus to also include a dark mode officially, ain't it?

You can set one up yourself already, and there are a few on the forum already. The latest betas have some improvements that you'll want to use.

An official/built-in dark theme will come later, but nothing stops you doing it yourself now if you're really desperate for it.

One of the things still missing to achieve a full dark/black theme with similar capabilities
as a regular theme seems to be support for lister column header replacement images/color-colorto
for normal/hover state.

The current lister headers only seem to support flat/single background/foreground color, and
has no support for hover.

However, the Pane borders->"use for lister column headers" was a big help to avoid those glaring headers.
(I guess that isn't a problem for those using W10 dark mode, but..)

@Leo are you maybe working on an official dark theme? I know there are some unofficial ones. But the unofficial ones are usually falling short of too many details. This is not easy to do at all, and it requires a lot of testing and thinking. However, with the dark modes all around, i think this is surely a thing to start thinking about.

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As above:

I've been using a theme I made for a while, but don't want to release it yet. It isn't that different to the unofficial ones. It's just a few color settings.

But there are some things we want to add before we release an "official" dark theme. We're also looking at supporting some extra things like dark titlebars, but the API is still undocumented and, worse, keeps changing between Windows 10 updates and breaking things, so we're still waiting to see if that ever becomes stable. (Microsoft are really screwing up here, to be honest.)


Would you care to share whatever you are working with, I bet it's pretty usable already at this point? :slight_smile:

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I am also interested in an official dark theme.

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What do "inoffical" dark themes miss? Mine for example is completely dark and the only small issue is with explorer-views (font color), which an official theme actually won't change. Other things like toolbar-style (thin lines, shadows, ...) can be solved by background-pics, but these are personal preferences.

To get a theme to look the same as in my screen shots here took a lot of fiddling around. What we are after is this:
Screenshot - 2021-05-12 13.44.19

Should be easy to implement as it is already baked in but spread out over a ton of settings.

Yes, I know how much time you can spend (see this, this and this).

I think everything is work when configuring DO to your needs... theming, toolbars, buttons,...