One Click Backup?

Starting with "Settings," backing up Opus requires nine clicks. Can a one-click backup button be created with a script? This feature would allow you to set your default preferences, such as where to store your backups, whether to overwrite existing backups and so on.

Make a button/hotkey/etc. that runs something like this:

Prefs BACKUP=all TO="D:\sync\Whatever Filename You Want"

If you haven't already seen it, this auto backup script might be of interest to you, as well: Settings Auto Backup (Normal and USB) - #18 by raymm

It seems to run, and the "backup finished" window pops up (which I'd prefer doesn't), but no file is created in the directory I set.

Looks interesting, I'll read it later. I don't really need an auto backup. Leo's solution would be great if it worked.

The Prefs command has a QUIET argument for that.

Difficult to say what's wrong without seeing the command you are running, but try looking in the parent folder to see if it was created there.

I searched with "search everything" for the previous filenames given by the wizard, but of course I didn't find any because I didn't define a filename in the script. Searching for .ocb found it in the root directory.

I just had to add a filename to make it save in my directory. So, this works now:

Prefs BACKUP=all TO="F:\MY OFFICE\BACKUPS PROFILES\OPUS\BACKUPS\Opus_Backup_{date|MM-dd-yyyy}_{time|HH-mm-ss}"

My personal preference was to add a timestamp to the filename, this way it doesn't overwrite old version. Yes, I'm sure there's an option for that with /O or something, but didn't have time read :slight_smile:


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