One click move highlighted items to a sub directory?

i have alt ` set to make a dir and alt 1 set to move items from one browser window to the newly created one......

but is there STILL no way to imitate the old Norton Navigator super easy way?

ie- highlight the items click one button and a move to box pops up and all ya have to do is type the dir and or subdirs and click enter?

ie in norton navigator i used to say highlight all the songs off an album...... look down at the keyboard click F7 a box pops up and all i did was type say
elvis costello\spike bootleg\apes

and hit enter..... and bang all would be moved to an automatically created sub dir all without me having to move a mouse or look up at the monitor....



no confirmations no lookin up no movement of a mouse....

there must be a way to duplicate this.... but i've yet to find it :frowning: i waste hours a day sometimes it seems without this :frowning:

Copy MOVE TO=ask then hit Alt-F to give focus to the path box.